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Industries and sectors

A selection of industries and sectors we are supplying

Chip and Semiconductor Industry

The future's high-performance memory chips and CPUs are produced on machines whose mechanical core pieces are manufactured by us. This is how we make the world ready for the digital, networked future and artificial intelligence.

Optical Industry

In order to look into the far distance or into microscopic detail, human beings need high-precision optical instruments such as space telescopes or electron microscopes, the components of which we manufacture.

Aerospace Engineering

Whether the finest sensors on airplanes or components of satellites and spaceships - we can manufacture high-precision components that are exposed to unimaginable extreme conditions.

Medical technology

Medical technology requires true-to-detail medical tools, research objects or life-saving instruments that we can also produce with high purity requirements.

Energy sector

In the energy sector, for example, we deal with precision parts for machines that manufacture modern high-performance wind turbines. We also manufacture fine monitoring sensors for gas pipelines in order to analyze their flow behavior and to detect leaks.

Mechanical Engineering

Basically, we serve a wide variety of industries in mechanical engineering with components, devices, special machines, functional units, assemblies and functional models for process development.

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